Guide for final paper submission

Submission of final papers for ICNF2013 is now open

Strict deadline is 31 May 2013 (GMT+2)


Preparation of your files for submission

Detailed instructions for the preparation of your final submission are given in the conference website in the section "Guidelines for accepted Authors". 

Please follow carefully the steps indicated in the conference website and submit your final paper together with the IEEE copyright agreement only after addition of the IEEE copyright notice on the first page of your paper and after check of your paper by PDF eXpress.


Login to this site to submit  your file (with copyright notice) + IEEE copyright agreement

Do no submit your paper without IEEE copyright notice added on the first page! 

Do not submit your original pdf file but the pdf file attached to the email message returned by PDF eXpress!  

Login to this site using the same login and password you have used to submit your original abstract (in case of trouble or if you have forgotten the password contact us at

Click on the + at the right of your one-page submitted abstract. 


  1. On the first page check the title and fill the abstract field by cut/paste the short abstract of your final paper.
  2. On the second page check the list and the order of the authors. Check also that the affiliation information is identical for authors belonging to the same institution. 
  3. On the third page in the “Communication” field upload your final paper in pdf format (the pdf file attached to the email you received from IEEE PDF eXpress) ; in the “Supplementary data” field upload your filled, signed and scanned IEEE copyright form in pdf format. Choose “Other” as type of file for the copyright agreement.
  4. On the fourth page check that all the information and files are correct. 
  5. Save everything by clicking on the Submit button at the bottom of the page. You can modify your submission information and files until the deadline of 31 May 2013. 

Thank you for submitting your paper for ICNF2013! 

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